Mike Alaimo | Legislative Director

Mike has had nearly 10 years of experience in governmental and political affairs as a legislative director, campaign manager and policy analyst. His career began with a fellowship in Washington D.C. at a mid-sized lobbying firm. Returning to Michigan, he worked on several state House and Senate campaigns and successfully ran a highly contentious general election campaign considered one of the top five ‘races to watch’ in the 2014 election cycle.

During his time as legislative director, Mike managed a broad legislative agenda and excelled in building diverse coalitions to spearhead issues in transportation, technology, health and education policy arenas.

After Lt. Governor Brian Calley announced a new initiative to enhance STEM education and skilled workforce opportunities, Mike was part of a task force charged with developing sweeping recommendations, many of which went on to be passed into law.

Mike attended Michigan State University, receiving a B.S. in Psychology and also added to his studies a concentration in Political Economics through MSU’s prestigious James Madison College of Law.